Our Bases

PUPA is the only Specialist for Oneway Charter in Turkey with
three bases: Bodrum, Marmaris and Göcek

get more informations about our bases by click on the base names:


BODRUM (Mainbase and base)
Bodrum offers very attractive possibilities to begin with family cruises at Gökova Bay, in direction of Marmaris and to the North-West to Güllük Bay with countless unspoiled bays.The experienced sailors will find the best wind conditions.

PUPA Yachting has its reserved pontoon with mooring-places in Bodrum Milta Marina.

* Check-in / Check-out and the formalities will be in English or German language.
* Provisioning in Bodrum Marina and in the town are very good.
* Good Turkish kitchen at lunch and self-service at dinner in the Marina Restaurant and in the town.
* Good and clean sanitary facilities in the Marina


GÖCEK (Base)
Göcek, a small village very close to the airport Dalaman, is the base in Fethiye Bay
to organize either One-Way-Cruises to the both directions Bodrum, Marmaris and Kemer or for family-cruises in Fethiye Bay with countless anchor places.
PUPA Yachting has its reserved mooring places at the pier.

* Check-in / Check-out and the formalities will be in english or german language.
* Provisioning and restaurants in the village.
* PUPA – Office in a building directly in front of the reserved places with telephone, telefax.



The clients can sail from the bases Bodrum, Göcek or Marmaris or make One-Way-Cruises between these bases without any charge, if it fits into the planning.

The other One-Way-Cruises, in combination with Kusadasi on the west coast with Karacasögüt deep in the bay Gökova or with Finike or Antalya Setur/Marina to Cyprus to the east, are possible upon extra charge.
Please do not hesitate to ask for One-Way-Cruises! We will try to arrange it with the previous or following crew but we can not guarantee always the direction of the cruise in advance.



Prices: See the pricelist
Example for the price calculation

Amount of the transfer to our account by the acency (without bank fees)
Option for the charter will be kept for 7 days; within this period the final reservation must be given or the option should be prolonged.

Terms of payment
* 50 % deposit upon the receipt of the invoice / confirmation
* 50 % balance 4 weeks before embarkationto the account in Turkey without bank fees:

Account holder: PUPA Yachting
Bank: Garanti Bankası Bodrum Şubesi (309) TL : 6200554 EUR : 9011796
TL : TR23 0006 2000 3090 0006 2005 54
EUR : TR56 0006 2000 3090 0009 0117 96

Embarkation details
* Check-in: Saturday from 17.00
* Check-out: Friday till 17.00 + overnight on board Saturday till 08.00, if the boat is in good technical condition.

Refundable deposit:
* 1500 EUR for all yachts can be deposited with Visa or Mastercard

We need the following

Copy of the charter agreement (after signing the agreement)
Copy of sailing licence/certificate (after signing the agreement)
Completed crewlist (latest 3 weeks before embarkation)
Arrival details (carrier / flight No. / date / arrival time)
Transfer from airport to the marina (if required)
Shopping-list (if required)
Required optionals like autopilot, windsurfer,
outboard-engine, cleaning, linen, skipper (if required)
Hotel reservation (if required)
Rent-a-car (if required)

We will send you after receipt of the total amount
* The boarding card including all details of the embarkation, which allows the client to take over the boat.

* Please let the client check the validity of his passport or identity card.
* Clients coming from some countries need Visa for Turkey. Please check it out with the Turkish consulates.

Please send to 4 weeks before embarktion to PUPA
Here you find the shopping-list for print out. Please click: SHOPPING-LIST




Bodrum Charter Main Office PUPA Yachting
PUPA YACHTING INC. Neyzen Tevfik Cad. No 182/C, 48400 Bodrum/Turkey
Tel: +90 252 316 7715, Fax: +90 252 316 7737, mail: info@pupa.com.tr
Base Mng: Yilmaz MALGIL


Marmaris Charter Office PUPA Yachting
Marmaris Yat Marina Adaagizi Mevkii Yalanci Bogaz, 48700 Marmaris-Turkey,
Tel: +90 252 413 1853, Fax: +90 252 413 1850, mail: info@pupa.com.tr – VHF “Channel 72 – PUPA”
Base Mng: Nalan Ozdiker


Göcek Charter Office PUPA Yachting
Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Turgut Özal Cad. No: 17, 48300 Göcek-Turkey,
Tel: +90 252 645 1253, Fax: +90 252 645 2090 – mail: info@pupa.com.tr – VHF “Channel 72 – PUPA”
Base Mng: Murat HAKKAKUL


Bodrum Account Office PUPA Yachting
Neyzen Tevfik Cad. No 182/C, 48400 Bodrum/Turkey
Tel : +90 252 3167715 – Fax : +90 252 3167737 – mail: serap@pupa.com.tr
Accounter: Mrs. Serap Yildirim



Mobil phone for all bases between 08.00-24.00

(E) = English, (G) = German

Mr. Murat HAKKAKUL (G): +90 555 694 97 35
Mr. Yilmaz MALGIL, (E/G): +90 555 694 97 29


Mail contacts:
Mr. Bertan OZBAS (Coordinator & Bareboat inquiries), mail: bertan@pupa.com.tr
Mrs. Nalan SARIKAYA: (Charter Department Director), mail: nsarikaya@pupa.com.tr


The following contact addresses are only information/communication places.
The client must get in touch with PUPA Yachting – Bodrum if he has any technical problem. PUPA Yachting-Bodrum gives the instructions for a repair or technical help.


c/o IMTA Tourism, TR-09400 Kusadasi, Mr. Süleyman Irdem (Samy), Setur Marina Kusadasi Tel : +90-256-614 4751 Fax: +090-256-6142470


c/o SETUR Pier, TR- Karacasögüt, Tel : +90-252- 465 5345


c/o BAMBU Market, TR-48900 Datca Tel: +090-252-712 3860, Fax: +90-252-712 2470


MELSA Tour, Tel: +90-252-266 02 82, Mr. Tekin Ucar: +90-252-262 44 54


MY Marina Vecdi Dalaman, Tel: +90-252-266 02 77 / 76


c/o YES Marina, TR-48300 Fethiye, Mr. Cetin Kaya, Tel : +90-252-614 2258, Fax: +90-252-614 3965 Mobil: +90-532-372 4602


c/o SETUR Marina, TR-Finike, Tel : +90-242-855 5030


c/o PARK Kemer Marina, TR-48850 Kemer, Mr. Hasan Kacmaz, Tel. +90-242-814 14 90 (4 lines), Fax: +90-242-814 15 52


c/o SETUR Marina, TR-07000 Antalya, Tel: +90-242-259 1290, Fax: +90-242-259 1182


ANTALYA – Kaleici
c/o ANTMARIN, TR-07000 Antalya, Mr. Bilen Akinci, Tel +90-242-241 7770 Fax: +90-242-241 7774

Airports and the distances to the bases
Bodrum: from Airport Dalaman approx. 180 km
from Airport Izmir approx. 200 km
from Airport Bodrum approx. 35 km

Göcek: from Airport Dalaman approx. 25 km

Marmaris: from Airport Dalaman approx. 100 km

Antalya: from Airport Antalya approx 10 km
from Airport Dalaman approx. 280 km


TRANSFER PRICES for one-way:
Please have a look to our transfer page